How i’m going to spend new year’s eve.

Usually most people would spend their new year’s eve with the once they love, maybe cuddle a little, think about their new year’s resolutions and have their midnight kiss. but those are the people who has lives, and at least they have that evening as a holiday.this doesn’t happen in my life, because i don’t really have a life, and i don’t have that day as a holiday, in fact i actually have a writing test on that day. I try to look at the positive side though, and think ‘if i actually had a holiday I would’ve stayed at home doing nothing’ so it’s nice to spend that day in university instead of home.
But at the end even if you think you don’t have that interesting life there must be something in that life that makes it special, maybe you don’t realize that thing, but it’s definitely there.
So to me the perfect new year’s eve would be reading an interesting novel, listening to some good music and watch the people who has lives living it.


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